Ravensbourne National Park, Queensland

Despite their superficial resemblance to plants, fungi are in fact more closely related to animals, but are sufficiently different to both to place them in their own domain. They don’t photosynthesise, and so rely on external sources for their nutrition – which they obtain from breaking down dead organisms, so they play a very important role in the food web. Some of them are also exquisitely beautiful, others not so much (no offence puff balls) ~ so I enjoy photographing them when I can. No idea on the species, sorry.

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Birds are something I’ve loved my whole life – the earliest memory I have of seeing any birds was when I lived in Darwin and was about 4 years old, and seeing a flock of Red collared lorikeets landing in a tree on the nature strip.

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Strelitzia sp. at sunset – Great Dividing Range, Queensland

I find plants fascinating things. Their cellular system of organisation without a central nervous system is completely different to ours and highly durable, and they also look nice too (LOL) Every now and again I photograph them

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