About Cycle Touring

Cycle touring is something I’ve loved ever since I was at boarding school in the early 1980’s and did a couple for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (which by the way I highly recommend).

I did a few with some of the same friends after school, then didn’t do any for quite a while as life took over.


Then I met Jenny, who I found was also a keen cycle tourist – and had in fact done a lot more than me. So we set off doing a cycle trip in Europe, and started a family.

Rides from then on became more of a short family outing, but even more enjoyable and meaningful.

Now with almost all the kids left home I’m doing more trips myself again, and maybe Jenny and I will do a larger trip together again sometime.

So here are some blog entries about some of the trips I’ve been part of.

You can click the Cycling menu item above to bring the main page for each entry. Some of them have multiple pages (like the Europe and Lake Cressbrook entries) and you can click through from the front page to get to each page – or you can just click the cycle touring tag to bring up every single page I have on cycling (there’ll be a lot).

So here’s to fun – to have your life so simplified down as it is on a cycling trip is just wonderful.