Cycle Touring Resources

One of the wonderful things about the net is there’s so many resources out there for cycle tourists – here’s some of my favourites.

Note many of these sites have multiple social media channels and outlets for their content. So I’ll link to what seems to be their main site, but remember to click around to find everything.

As a film maker I’m going to emphasise their videos! I just love watching cycling videos, but there’s plenty of good stuff to read as well – especially on blogs, forums and facebook groups.

Going Slowly – I read every page of their blog and it was so enjoyable. They cycled around the world, and the writing and photos really put you in the moment with them.

Bicycle touring pro – this is one of the most comprehensive sites out there. Darren seems like a top bloke and his videos are great as well. I’ve spent many hours lost in them!

Velo-Obscura – these guys cycled around Australia and did a great collection of videos about it – here’s episode 1

Hackisoutthere – this channel has one of the most enjoyable cycle videos I’ve ever seen, if not the most enjoyable. It’s all about cycling from the UK to Australia — I loved it

Cyclingabout – I’ve only watched one of their videos so far, so can’t tell you too much about the rest of their content ~ but I’m including them because this is probably the best shot cycling video I’ve seen so far — it really looks great, and is so interesting being central Australia

Janapar – and finally if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like when someone falls in love on a bike tour there’s this film! It’s really like none of the other cycle films. You have to pay to download it (I did, it’s worth it) – so here’s just the preview.