Kirra Beach Morning Snaps

I went for a little walk around dawn along the walk way by Kirra Beach this morning, and took a few photos with my mobile phone.  Just experimenting really.

Kirra Beach is somewhere we’ve been coming as a family for almost 20 years, and although there’s increasing development it still has a nice laid back feeling- and the beach is extraordinary  – is it about 200 metres wide? When you’re standing in the middle of it you’re in a no man’s land – not in civilisation, but not in the sea –  it’s beautiful.

This is also the first blog post I’ve tried  where I upload directly off my mobile phone too.

The bird life is great here too – lots of Silver Gulls, Crested Terns, Little Terns and occasionally Brown Boobies can be seen diving for fish offshore. A few months ago I filmed an Eastern Osprey having a bath in the storm water outfall that comes on to the beach.  I held my mobile phone up to my binoculars to get the footage,  and it kind of works (ha ha) – I’ll post it below these pics.

Here’s a few more of my favourite pics from that part of the world, it really is a special place I think