Jacobs Well Bike Ride – 28th of July 2012

I recently received¬†a second hand copy of Where to Ride South East Queensland and have spent a ¬†fair bit of time going through it. There’s a lot of rides in locations I never would have thought about , which is one of the best things about the book – but it also gives you lots of information on the difficulty and gradient of the rides – which is really useful when planning a ride with small children.

So armed with all this info I decided to pick this route around Jacobs Well as our first ride from the book. The route is fairly short – 22 kilometres – and quite flat the whole way.

Seana couldn’t join us as she was out doing ‘random farm stuff’ on a friend’s farm – so with just  3 kids and the dog we set out – with our good friends Dennis and Anna and Christian meeting us afterwards for afternoon tea in the same park we set off from.

Henry was supposed to run along besides Jenny’s bike on the side of the road, but being blessed with a shortage of brain cells but an excess of determination he decided the middle of the road was the only place for him – which soon meant he had to do the whole ride in the bike trailer – which the kids thought was great anyway.

I gave the kids a camera as well to capture life from their perspective which made for some interesting photos.

About half way around we posed for a photo next to this lopsided windmill only to be baled up by another Henry who came tearing out of his property a few hundred metres away.

Apparently the windmill belongs to him and we hadn’t sought the correct clearances first. Needless to say we were shaking in our boots. The photo probably doesn’t do Henry Number 2 justice – he looks like he could almost be a decent size in this photo (hint: optical illusion)

So after a hot and some times windy – but enjoyable ride – we made it back to the park we set out from and were soon joined by Dennis, Anna and Christian for afternoon tea and a kick of the footy

The End