Oxley Common – 10th of August 2013

We’d been doing quick little visits into Oxley Common for years but only saying gidday to the horses at the front, or having a quick look around the creek and picnic area – in fact it became one of my favourite places to write the script for Honeysuckle Way ~ but this was the first time we cycled into the whole of it, and boy oh boy was it wonderful – this was only a few months before we left Brisbane and I really regret we hadn’t done this sooner because it really is a magical place, and I don’t think our photos here really do it justice.

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Jacobs Well Bike Ride – 28th of July 2012

I recently received a second hand copy of Where to Ride South East Queensland and have spent a  fair bit of time going through it. There’s a lot of rides in locations I never would have thought about , which is one of the best things about the book – but it also gives you lots of information on the difficulty and gradient of the rides – which is really useful when planning a ride with small children.

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Europe Cycle Trip 1999 – Part 1 – Leaving

Jenny and her bike before leaving

When Jenny and I first got together one thing we quickly learnt was that we had both done a lot of cycle touring ~ in fact her a lot more than me. I also soon learnt that she was planning a trip back to her home country of Ireland in mid ’99 – and after we decided we’d get married well it became pretty obvious what to do!

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