Birds are something I’ve loved my whole life – the earliest memory I have of seeing any birds was when I lived in Darwin and was about 4 years old, and seeing a flock of Red collared lorikeets landing in a tree on the nature strip.

The flash of colours was mesmerising.

As a teenager I wanted to become an Ornithologist, but life took over and I wanted to find my place in the world and what it all meant etc (see the entries about films and novels here!) – but later in life my passion for birds and the broader environment returned. I’ve studied a Grad Dip in Ornithology, so can now officially call myself an Ornithologist ~ but there is always so much to learn so that qualification is just a beginning, not an end.

I also love communicating about birds and conservation in general. I can’t just admire birds and study them, when their world around them is being destroyed, and so many are threatened with extinction. I’ve got to try and do something about it as well.

For that reason I started Bird Bites – which is a social media channel where I share information about birds. There is a blog, youtube channel, facebook group and instagram account with lots of info on there. I also write articles for my local paper. And I have been very active in the fight for land clearing reforms in the area where I live.

I didn’t really plan it this way but this has also brought together beautifully my film making skills – so right now I’m working on a three part documentary about Australian birds.

Sadly 1469 species of birds (or about 13% of all birds) are threatened with extinction BirdLife International 2018. State of the world’s birds: taking the pulse of the planet. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International.pp. 12.

Parrots are amongst the worst effected, if not the worse.

If you are interested in helping there are many groups you can get involved in – Birdlife Australia is a great place to start.

Birds at my water dish