Scot McPhie Grad Dip (Ornithology), BA (Anthropology) AAS, Dip (Creative) Arts is an Australian Ornithologist, Writer and Film maker.

Through his platform Bird Bites, and regular appearances on ABC Southern Queensland Radio he shares information about Australian birds.

Bird Bites consists of a Youtube channel, Facebook group, Instagram account and blog page.

Scot is the founder and convenor of the Darling Downs local branch of Birdlife.

As a writer he has written three novels, six stage plays and three feature films. Click for his Amazon Author page.

As a film maker he has directed five feature length films and a number of short films. He is currently working on a documentary about Australian birds. Click for his IMDB profile.

Scot also records and performs sketch comedy, along with Matt Bell, as the Smooth End of the Pineapple. They have toured central Queensland and performed at a number of festivals in South East Queensland. Their sketches are available to enjoy on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Podbean.

Through the Leaves is Scot’s personal blog, which is mainly focussed on his creative work, and cycle touring. There is a little on nature, especially nature photography, but most of Scot’s ornithology work and material is on the Bird Bites sites, in particular the youtube and facebook channel.

The McPhie family have a long history in Toowoomba, some of which is recorded in the historical photos on the McPhie Family Archive blog page that Scot also runs.

In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, cycle touring and watching cricket, rugby union and movies with dinosaurs in them.