Welcome to my web page – my name is Scot McPhie – and on this blog I’ll be posting about various projects that I’m involved in, or have been in the past.

I’ve got a pretty interesting background I guess – mainly arts and sciences – I used to question it all – but now I don’t, I just do it!

Over the years I’ve written and directed independent plays and feature films, and written and published poetry and novels. I write, record and perform sketch comedy with Matt Bell in The Smooth End of the Pineapple.

Ever since I was little I’ve loved birds and wanted to be an Ornithologist till I was about 16. I’m coming back to that now and am currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Ornithology. I also hold a Degree in Anthropology, with a minor in Ecology and the Environment, Climate and Sustainability; as well as a Diploma of Creative Arts in Theatre. I hope to do a Masters and PhD in Ornithology, specialising in parrot evolution and conservation. I’d love to work in the Pacific on parrot conservation, on projects that involve indigenous people, but we’ll see what happens. I’m currently the Convenor of the Darling Downs Local Branch of Birdlife Australia, and sit on the committee of Birdlife Southern Queensland.

I enjoy cycle touring, and also play guitar, and am slowly recording an album at the moment.

I’m also currently writing a science book that addresses the world’s problems through a combination of Anthropology and Ecology. I hope to have the first draft finished by the end of 2021, and then get back into writing some novels.

Here’s a few favourites – movies: Splash, Bladerunner and Dr Zhivago. Sports: cricket and rugby. TV shows: The X-Files and Twin Peaks. Musical acts: The B-52’s, The Church and Belinda Carlisle.

I haven’t been on social media for a couple of years now because I just don’t like being constantly connected — I find it very stultifying. It’s nice to be in touch with people though, but just not in that way for me.

Hopefully this blog will go a little bit of the way to filling that gap – and I’ll try and post more regularly- I’ve enjoyed reading similar blogs from others, and there is a value in opening up and sharing your life to a certain degree. I just don’t want to be in the position where I’m posting something and then immediately getting into feedback/conversations about it – or worse still judging myself by what response it gets. The comments are turned on for most posts here, but I’ll probably get around to turning them off one day. If you do want to troll me though – I just want to say despite your deepest fears you are loved and you are a worthwhile human being.

So that’s about it – I’ve got a a pretty varied background I suppose – and like everyone I’ve had my ups and downs, but I feel quite settled in my direction now.

When I look back on it all though the one thing I’m most proud of in my life is my children, and my relationship with them and my wife.

So I hope you enjoy my blog – and here’s a few other links:

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My Youtube Channel

All the best,