Family History Site

Family photo 1910 – for more information see here

Over the last few years I have inherited or been given a large deal of family history – both research and original documents.

My family on my father’s side – McPhie – came to Australia from Scotland in 1838, and lived near Maitland first, then Gunnedah and then finally Toowoomba in the late 1880’s.

My great grandfather Alex McPhie was a very successful businessman and influential citizen of Toowoomba in the late Victorian era, and early twentieth century. Consequently a lot of the documents, especially the photos, capture a real snapshot of the town then.

Alex McPhie, late 1800’s

I am fortunate that everyone in my family seems to value history – especially my parents Sandy and Helen, who carried out a lot of research, and my late Uncle Vic who wrote a lot of things down about the town and the people in the late 19th/early 20th century.

I have started another blog where I am uploading these things. It is a slow process because I do some basic cleaning up of the photos as well when I scan them. In addition I also do some research in Trove where necessary, and add some extra documents if I think it will help illustrate something

So the site will slowly build over time, but I think a blog format – particularly with the use of tags – is a very good way to make this information accessible to everyone.

The blog is simply called the McPhie Family Archive and can be found here

Collins street, Melbourne, Armistice Day, 1918