Ravensbourne National Park, Queensland

Despite their superficial resemblance to plants, fungi are in fact more closely related to animals, but are sufficiently different to both to place them in their own domain. They don’t photosynthesise, and so rely on external sources for their nutrition – which they obtain from breaking down dead organisms, so they play a very important role in the food web. Some of them are also exquisitely beautiful, others not so much (no offence puff balls) ~ so I enjoy photographing them when I can. No idea on the species, sorry.

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Female Planet

After finishing The Forest of Life I actually suffered some kind of withdrawal symptoms – detachment from the characters, and scenes – and even though the process of writing it was broken up and quite unusual I still enjoyed it, and putting it together at the end had shown me that writing a book could be fun, and a great way to get my narrative ideas out there – so all up I was keen for another one.

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