Little corella – Cacatua sanguinea

Parrots are known for their bright colours and huge personalities, cockatoos, though big on personality are usually fairly plain in colour, and none more so than Little Corellas. But don’t let their appearance fool you – these are little birds packed full of personality and mischief.

There are six species of corellas in the world, with three of them found in Australia. Little corellas are the only ones native to our local area, and although Long-billed corellas are present here, they are feral populations that have most likely found their way here via the pet trade.  Little corellas are predominantly white with a distinctive blue skin patch around the eye. They are found throughout Australia, except for very arid areas of the interior, and are well adapted to a variety of habitats. Their favoured food is seeds and grass roots, and they will sometimes take insect larvae as well. Breeding time is winter and spring and two to three eggs are laid in a tree hollow.

They are nomadic but will roost in large flocks, sometimes numbering into the thousands, especially around water sources. For this reason two of the best places to see them in the local area are the Toowoomba Showgrounds, and Lake Apex at Gatton. Large groups can be quite amusing to watch because there will always be some Little corellas more interested in playing than feeding! To watch two of them playing visit or the Bird Bites facebook and youtube channel.

This article first appeared in the High Country Herald on June 17th, 2024