Camera Trap Highlights Winter 2020

A few months ago I borrowed a camera trap from work and started setting it in various places around our farm.

It was so much fun I bought my own, and here’s a collection of the highlights over the last month or two from both the cameras

Here’s my camera in one of our paddocks – I’ve found the trick is to (unsurprisingly) put it where you know the animals go – however I haven’t seen too many in this paddock so this is more of a survey mission this time.

The camera’s not too bad (1920 x 1080) – I don’t know what the bitrate is, but it could do with being a little higher. The lense is around 25 degrees which seems a bit tight so you just have to accomodate that with how you set it – basically if it’s 1 metre off the ground the sweet spot is about 4.5 metres in front of it.

Anyway it’s a huge amount of fun 🙂

Earlier this year as part of my Grad Dip in Ornithology I did a powerpoint presentation on the use of camera traps in ornithology, here it is below as a video

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