Coochiemudlo Island Cycle Trip

Coochiemudlo Island is a small island in southern Moreton Bay and is quite close to Brisbane. In the local Yuggera language it means red rock – owing to the iron rich rock exposed on the southern side of the Island. It is mainly a holiday island for Brisbanites, and was visited by Matthew Flinders in 1799.

The day we decided to cycle there was quite hot and parking was hard to get near the ferry terminal so we parked in one of the side streets not too far away and assembled our bikes – and there was a lot to put together!

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Cooyar Bike Ride – January 2020

This was the first lengthy bike ride I’d done for quite sometime – it was going to be one day up, camp over in a national park, and then one day back ~ I ended up just doing the one day and camp, as it turned out to be some of the hardest cycling I’ve done – and I just wasn’t ready for that in a number of ways.

It was still fun though! And the unusual thing about this trip (for me at least) is I filmed it, even just on my mobile phone, but I think it tells the story pretty well. I probably did too much filming in retrospect, but this is the first time I’d ever filmed a cycle trip so there was a lot of experimenting with that, and time consumed I got to admit.

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